Starting a Landscaping Business? Purchase a Custom Trailer

The long winter season is almost upon us, which means we can look forward to cleaning up our yards in the Spring. If you’re looking to start a small landscaping business for the summer, you’ll need a trailer to haul your equipment. Remackel Trailers can provide you with a custom utility trailer that will allow you to haul your landscaping tools.

Utility Trailers

We can build a custom utility trailer to fit your needs. If you’re landscaping mission is to be doing clean-ups, mulching, trimming, edging, etc., our utility trailers are the perfect fit. We have several sizes from 5×8, 6×8, 6×10, 6×12 that we can create depending how much you will be hauling.

A 6×12 trailer would be the perfect fit if you’re starting a small business. This has an axle of 3500lbs, which gives you flexibility to haul a push mower as well if you’re looking to cut grass.

Equipment Trailers

An equipment trailer is mainly for hauling larger equipment such as lawn mowers, small bobcats, and more heavy equipment. These trailers would be perfect for a landscaping business consisting of lawn care. You will be able to fit multiple lawn mowers and other equipment for you to get the job done.

The HP 12 equipment trailer is medium sized at 80” wide by 12’ long with a 4” drop 5200lb axle. This allows you to fit commercial lawn mowers and other equipment.

At Remackel Trailers, we make custom utility trailers for the hard working, adventurous, and small businesses. We have a plethora of custom trailers for your specific needs, and we will work with you to produce exactly what you want for your hauling needs.

Contact Remackel Trailers at 651-464-2889 today, and we will help you find that perfect trailer to help launch your landscaping business.

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