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Minnesota Canoe Trailer Pick up

We would like to think Russ from Bloomington, Minnesota for purchasing a 2 place canoe trailer with 16″ sides. He chose to add LED lights, rope rings to tie down his gear, and twin ramps. He’ll use the twin ramps to drive his lawnmower on. He pulled this canoe trailer away with his Subaru. He… Continue Reading

La Crosse Wisconsin Canoe Trailer

La Crosse Wisconsin Canoe trailer pick up We would like to thank David from La Crosse, Wisconsin for purchasing a 4 place canoe trailer with 16″ sides with LED lights. He will use this trailer to take our his canoes and kayaks with his kids this spring and summer.  La Crosse Wisconsin Canoe Trailer below… Continue Reading

Custom Canoe Trailers

We really enjoy making canoe trailers and kayak trailers. Pictured below is Dennis Remackel after completing a custom kayak trailer with a triple rack system. Our handmade galvanized steel  custom canoe trailers, kayak trailers, and paddleboard trailers are build to last. We only use premium products to build your canoe trailer to make sure it… Continue Reading

Canoe Trailer Fabrication

We are proud to be a factory direct business for our customers. No dealers, no middleman! We hand make our own canoe trailers and sell direct to our customers so we can control price and most importantly a quality  product and great customer service. As a locally family owned small business, the people you talk to… Continue Reading

Canoe Trailers at Canoecopia

This week at Remackel Trailers we are preparing our 8 Place Canoe Trailer and our 4 Place Canoe trailer to take out to the Canoecopia show in Madison, Wisconsin from March 13-15 2015 at the Alliant Energy Center. If you are in the area please come and visit our both. We are happy to answer… Continue Reading

Why Buy a Galvanized Canoe Trailer?

First of all, what is hot-dip galvanization? Hot-dip galvanization  is a process of coating steel with a layer of zinc by immersing the canoe trailer in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 840 °F. Galvanized steel is widely used in applications where corrosion resistance is needed. Think salty roads in Minnesota during the winter! Galvanizing your steel canoe trailer… Continue Reading

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