La Crosse Wisconsin Canoe Trailer

We would like to thank David from La Crosse, Wisconsin for purchasing a 4 place canoe trailer with 16″ sides with LED lights. He will use this trailer to take our his canoes and kayaks with his kids this spring and summer.

La Crosse Wisconsin Canoe Trailer

Read David’s review on below…

After years of renting canoes and kayaks and trying to strap them on the top of my car…..I got tired of it, the scratches to the vehicle, the picking up and dropping off at the paddling shop, and mostly being at the schedule of when the boats were available. So I bought my kids and myself kayaks this year. So that left me with the debate on how to transport them. I looked at ways toe rig them up top, at T bars, and finally at trailers. Initially I looked at the Yakima brand as I liked the idea of being able to fold up the trailer for easy storage. However tempting that was I couldn’t get past the cost…especially once all the mounts were added in, and the fact that it was pretty one dimensional. Luckily I saw the Remackel website and was very interested. Loved the idea of how easy it looked to mount your boats, how well the trailers were built, that they are built in northern Minnesota and mostly that they can be used for so much more than just hauling my kayaks. So I went for it and bought the 4 boat trailer. I absolutely love it!!! I could easily fit 5 or 6 kayaks on it and I already cleared out a couple of trees now that I have a trailer to haul brush with. I’m a bit of a handy man as well and it will come in VERY handy on my trips to the lumber yard.

I picked mine up and it was really neat to see the set up…Dennis and Tristen took me in and showed me around. Was really interesting to see all the hand work they do themselves and what a quality product it is. I also think their pricing is very reasonable….I HIGHLY recommend this product and I’m so glad I went with Remackel!!!

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