Illinois Kayak trailer built to last for Father and Son

Illinois Kayak Trailer for father and son

We at Remackel Trailers would like to think Jay and his son for driving all the way from Round Beach lake, Illinois (10 hour round trip) on February 16, 2015 to pick up their 2 place Illinois kayak trailer with 24″ sides, canvas cover, LEDs, and rope rings. Jay looks forward to passing this Illinois kayak trailer onto his son due to its hot dipped galvanized canoe trailer frame and canoe racks. Jay first saw use through a google search on the internet and then saw us again in the Family Handyman magazine. Jay understood the meaning of a quality product and saw this through the craftsmanship once he saw the kayak trailer in person.

Remackel Trailers builds 2, 4, 6, and 8 place canoe/kayak trailers to suit your kayak trailer needs. With our easily removable canoe racks you can also use this trailer as a utility trailer when you need it.

Some features are customers really love and the ones Jay pointed out to us for his Illinois Kayak Trailer. Are…

Reason James Likes his Illinois Kayak Trailer

1. We weld our kayak trailers and then have the hot dipped galvanized. Hot dipped galvanized steel is a coating of zinc that give the steel trailer frame many decades of protection from rusting. Even the rims are galvanized on the tires.

2. Removable kayak racks. With our unique design you can remove the kayak racks and easily use the trailer as a utility trailer.

3. 5’x8′ trailer bed. The trailer bed is the same size as a standard utility trailer. Actually we make the trailer bed 3/4″ over 8ft so you can easily lay a sheet of plywood flat down in the bed of the trailer.

4. Canoe guard. We use a rubber protective strip on all kayak racks so you don’t scratch your boats when you are putting them on the racks.

Don’t take our work for it on this 2 place Illinois kayak trailer please visit the following link on below. It has 23 reviews on our kayak trailers

Thank you for your business and Go Bears!

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