Winter Maintenance on your Canoe Trailer and Kayak Trailer

Getting the itch to get your canoe or kayak out on the water? You’ve been cleaning your canoe and kayak to make sure its ready to hit the water, but what about your canoe trailer? Just like your canoe, kayaks and paddleboards, your canoe trailer needs yearly maintenance service. We recommend the following maintenance checks before your canoe season begins.

1. Grease bearings in your axle on your canoe trailer. We recommend you hand pack new grease into your bearings. This will take approximately 15 minutes to do.

2. Check wiring and lights on your canoe trailer. Buy a simple light tester and test the plug on the back of  your vehicle, if your four way connector works then hook up your canoe trailer to your vehicle. Test your break lights, signaling, emergency flashers and running lights and buy new lights as needed.

3. Check coupler and safety chains on your canoe trailer. Check for cracks on the coupler, if cracks buy a new one. The safety chains are a must on canoe trailers, if they have been dragged on the payment they MUST be replace buy law

4. Visual Inspection of Canoe Trailer. Take five minutes and conduct a visual inspection of the canoe trailer frame for wear and tear

5. Check canoe trailer tires. Ensure all tires have appropriate level of PSI and tread level.

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