How Custom Trailers Benefit Your Adventure

Having a trailer can help you stay organized on your next adventure. Investing in a custom trailer will make your life easier when going on that camping trip, kayak adventure, or hike. Remackel Trailers provides custom canoe, kayak, paddle board, and utility trailers for your liking. We work with you to cover your needs.

Why it’s Beneficial?

Just imagine you’re packing for a camping trip or a kayak adventure. You have your car packed for the weekend, and you’re trying to jam in the last essential items. You get frustrated because you don’t have enough room for your supplies and people who are riding along. A custom trailer from Remackel Trailers can give you the space needed for your supplies and kayaks/canoe. Instead of jamming everything into the car or truck, look into investing in a trailer.

Here are some great benefits:

  • Rack for kayak/canoe/paddleboard
  • Trailer space for camping supplies
  • Luggage space
  • Coolers for food and drink
  • Customized sizes

Adventuring in Minnesota or in any other places in the country are supposed to be stress-free. Most people can be stressed out with packing and planning trips. Make it easier with a small custom trailer.

Remackel Trailers have been customizing trailers since 1980 for locals and out-of-staters. We have plenty of styles and sizes for whatever your needs are. If you’re just looking for a small utility trailer, we can make it. If you’re trying to have multiple racks for all of your kayaks and paddle boards, we also have those. People from around the country have come to us for our custom trailers. We work with every customer with care and pride, and we want you to have the best, long-lasting for your future adventures. Contact Remackel Trailers today at 651-464-2889!

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