Connecticut Canoe Trailer

Gary from Avon, Connecticut bought a canoe trailer and had it shipped to his house. He got the 4 place canoe trailer with LED lights. Gary was so thrilled and happy with his trailer that he sent us a email….read his email below…. Dennis, I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for your… Read more »

Boy Scout Troop Kayak Trailer

Pictured above is Boy Scout Troop 57 out of North East, PA with their new 8 Place Kayak trailer that we shipped to them from Minnesota. The Scout Master John, says he can get 10-12 kayaks on our 8 Place Kayak trailer without any problems. In the photo the Boy Scouts utilize our tie down… Read more »

Wisconsin Canoe Trailer

Wisconsin Canoe Trailer built to last! Bob meet us a Canoecopia in Madison, Wisconsin and bought the 4 place canoe trailer with 16″ sides. He choose to upgrade his trailer lights to LEDs, which we recommend. Bob’s Wisconsin canoe trailer is built of hot dipped galvanized steel, which prevents the trailer from rusting. He loved the idea that the… Read more »

Illinois Canoe Trailer

Illinois Canoe Trailer Luke picked up his Illinois Canoe Trailer today after driving 6 1/2 hours one way. Luke choose our standard 4 place canoe trailer with 24″sides. He upgraded to the 8ft tongue versus the standard 6ft tongue. We recommend an 8ft tongue for canoe trailers that will haul canoes that are 19ft or… Read more »

Ohio Kayak Trailer Photos

We would like to thank Kevin for sending the below photos of his 4 place kayak trailer loaded up with 5 kayaks. He choose to upgrade his axle to a 3500 lb axle with 15″ tires and also upgraded to LED lights on his kayak trailer. This Ohio Kayak Trailer is bound for many years of use… Read more »

Northeast Wisconsin Paddlers Club Custom Kayak Trailer

We built a custom kayak trailer for the Northeast Wisconsin Paddlers Club. Below are the photos of their custom kayak trailer loaded with kayaks. Details of the custom kayak trailer….a triple rack system with 102″ long racks, a permanent top that is galvanized steel and a lockable hinged tailgate so no one could steal their… Read more »

Erie, Pennsylvania Canoe Trailer Pick up

We would like to think Jim and Tim from Erie, Pennsylvania for driving 13 hours one way to pick up their 4 place canoe trailer with 24″ sides. Jim also choose to upgrade his lights to LED lights. This Pennsylvania canoe trailer will last decades do to its hot dipped galvanized trailer frame and canoe… Read more »

Columbia, South Carolina Canoe Trailer Pick up

Weatherly drove 18 hours one way from Columbia, South Carolina to pick up her 2 place canoe trailer. She choose to add twin ramps, rope rings, LED lights and a custom removable front tailgate on her canoe trailer. She will be able to haul her canoes when needed or remove the racks and haul her… Read more »

Columbus, Ohio Canoe Trailer Pick up

We would like to thank Kevin and Jack for purchasing a four place canoe trailer. Kevin and Jack drove 15 hours one way from Columbus, Ohio to pick up their 4 place canoe trailer. Kevin and Jack choose to upgrade to the 3500 lb axle with 15″ tires on galvanized rims, LED light upgrade and we… Read more »

Minnesota Canoe Association Canoe Trailer

The Minnesota canoe association picked up their 6 place canoe trailer with LEDs. The Minnesota Canoe Association looks forward to getting their canoe trailer out on the road with canoe loaded up on it for the summer. Thank you for your business.